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Celebrating our past, inspiring our future.

Celebrating our past,
inspiring our future.

So much has changed in the advertising and marketing world over the last 90 years. From advertising the first loaves of sliced bread during the Great Depression to embracing the digital innovation of the 21st century, The Wendt Agency has preserved and flourished. Join us in reflecting on our past nine decades of creating success for our clients. We thank you for being a part of our history and look forward to the next 90 years!

Share and reflect with us!

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Send Your Cheers

A Glimpse into Our Marketing Past

1935 Montana Travel One of the agency’s first forays into travel marketing reassured travelers that Montana was the perfect place for the all-American road trip. 1938 Sliced Bread We have always known that strong creative that really speaks to the target audience is the best thing since … well, you know. 1939 Montana Fishing Montana was a premier vacation destination for fishermen long before Robert Redford directed "A River Runs Through It." 1948 Great Falls Select Hometown breweries are nothing new in Montana. Back in the day, Great Falls Select was the refreshing brew favored by locals. 1956 Glacier and
Yellowstone Park
All of us at Wendt have always been proud to call this scenic state our home and eager to share its beauty with visitors.
1968 Montana State Fair It wouldn't be summer in Montana without the State Fair. Where else can you satisfy your craving for cotton candy, pet baby lambs, and check out a concert? 1977 Lemon Loan Sure, when life gives you lemons, you could make lemonade. Or, you could follow the advice of this sunny ad and protect yourself with a Lemon Loan! 1987 Big Sky Northwest Getting around the Rocky Mountain northwest and Northern Great Plains regions can take a bit of time. How about a flight on a regional airline instead? 1989 Old West Trail The American West is not just found in history books, it is alive and well in Nebraska, Wyoming, the Dakotas and, of course, Montana. 1998 KOA Campgrounds Our commitment to building strong creative campaigns based on research means we learned the ins and outs of everything from tent sites and deluxe cabins to bike rentals and water parks–all the better to tell the KOA story! 1999 Montana Big Sky Please place seat backs and tray tables in their full upright position. Essential Air Service was bringing air travel to smaller Montana communities and Wendt was bringing the message to the public. 2002 United Way creative judged best in the nation We love a worthy cause that helps our community. The fact that the campaign received national recognition for its creative excellence was just a bonus. 2007 Wendtography Wendt’s in-house photography service means we can create customized photos that really speak to our clients’ target audiences. 2008 Best Local Promotion Who says you can't dress someone up in a chicken costume and send them out on the street to promote a new restaurant menu? Our out-of-the-box promotion boosted sales far beyond projections AND was named Best Local Promotion by the national Pizza Hut organization. 2011 Montana Meth Prevention Wendt teamed up with the Department of Justice to create a multi-platform campaign aimed at preventing methamphetamine use in Montana. The television spots brought home a Silver Telly. 2014 Montana Lottery
Winners Happen!
Our work with the Montana Lottery fuses innovative thinking with high-quality creative messages in pursuit of a customized, strategic outreach plan … and the occasional Walking Dead banner ad!
Holman Website - Design by The Wendt Agency 2015 Year of the Websites Thanks to the Wendt web team, there are several new sites on the World Wide Web for our retail, fishing, fire safety, and real estate clients as well as one awesome ad agency! Holman Website - Design by The Wendt Agency 2016 Montana Lottery Big Sky Bonus Launching Montana Lottery’s newest game, Big Sky Bonus, was all about showcasing the bright smiles of Montanans. 2017 Tire-Rama
Spring Fever
What better way to sell tires than putting a dog in a car, with sunglasses?!
2017 Achieve Montana
Parenthood is an Adventure
Wendt loves partnering with organizations who are committed to future generations. Achieve Montana’s 529 Plans are a perfect example.
2019 Wendt celebrates 90 years!


If you’ve been a part of Wendt’s past, are a part of our present, or plan on being a part of our future, please share and reflect with us! We would love to hear from you.

Send Your Cheers


If you’ve been a part of Wendt’s past, are a part of our present, or plan on being a part of our future, please share and reflect with us! We would love to hear from you.

Send Your Cheers

Lisa K

Great granddaughter of Louis Wendt

As the great granddaughter of Louis Wendt, how thankful I am that the company he began 90 years ago continues to thrive and remain strong! I can remember stories my grandmother used to share with me about my great grandfather’s company. Initially, the Wendt Advertising company had rented out office space someplace or another. But when the great depression hit, he had to release some of the employees he had, retaining Zelma Schroeder as his secretary. He moved his office and business into the bedroom of his home, which was located near Gibson Park. My great grandfather was not able to finish his formal education but had a drive to succeed in the business world. He and Zelma worked many long hours together, eventually moving his office from his bedroom after the depression had lifted. He eventually turned the reins of his company over to my Uncle Wally (Wallace Wendt). When Wally passed away, Zelma took over. She was the perfect fit, having been with the company since its beginnings. After Zelma retired, Stan Meyer was next in line, another perfect choice to lead the Wendt Advertising Company.

So it is with much fondness for this company that I wish to say, “Happy Anniversary to the Wendt Advertising Company,” and thank you to so many dedicated, hard working employees! May Wendt Advertising continue to go on for many more years.

Leadership Montana

Chantel Schieffer, President/CEO

“Happy 90th to The Wendt Agency! Leadership Montana is honored to work with your brilliant team and we are grateful to be among your client list. Thank you for helping us to build a better Montana.”

Health Care Service Corporation

Randy Starns, Vice President Student Markets

“Congratulations on your remarkable accomplishment. It could not have been done without the dedicated and inspired work you do for your clients.”

Montana Lottery

“Wendt has been a valuable member of our marketing team. They understand our goals and manage to effectively translate them to high-level design.  They never hesitate to roll up their sleeves and support our agency, our marketing strategies and products.  We trust their insights and expertise in attaining our high level of advertising standards and processes.  Congratulations on 90 successful years!”


Glen Korf

“Tire-Rama would like to congratulate The Wendt Agency on their 90th year milestone. Their professionalism and exceptional level of quality made the decision to partner with Wendt in 2019 an easy one.”

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A Few Kind Words

When you’ve been in business for 90 years, you’ve seen a lot of people come and go from your team. Over our nine decades, Wendt has been proud to employ some extraordinarily talented Montanans (and transplants who fell in love with Montana). From free-spirited creative folks to analytical strategists and everyone in between, Wendt has always been a home for those willing to share their talents with the world. Here are a few kind words from some of them.

Joe Stein Joe Stein “In my 26 years with Wendt, I saw a number of people come and go. But, there was always a core group of people in the various areas of the agency that were very committed and believed in Wendt through thick and thin. Their values and determination in “creating success" for their clients is as strong as ever. One of my favorite memories while at Wendt was having the opportunity to travel the state (numerous times) working with crews to capture the scenic beauty of Montana and its people for our clients on film, video and still photography.” Stan Meyer Stan Meyer “ I often wondered how a 10-month-old advertising firm could survive when the Great Depression hit in the fall of 1929. Fast forward to 1980 when we were moving the Wendt offices from the Becker Building to a newly built Wendt building at 615 2nd Avenue North. It was during that move that I got a glimpse of how the agency survived. As we were preparing for the move, Zelma Hay and I were sorting through things in our storage room. I uncovered a heavy steel apparatus that looked like a paper cutter, but it was much larger and very stout. Zelma said, “That’s a calendar tinner, Stan.” Merchants didn’t have money to advertise, and their customers didn’t have money for goods. Wendt developed and printed wall-sized calendars that merchants could give to their customers to remind them that they would be here to serve them when the economy got better.” Josh Rowe Josh Rowe