Culture_5May 28, 2015

In any business, the quality of work that is produced depends upon the type of people that make up the business team. To put it short and a little bit sour: If you’ve got a great team, you’re going to produce great work. If you’ve got a lackluster team, you’re work is going to be ordinary.

Of course, in order to attract and retain talented and hard-working employees, a strong company culture must be present.

So how do you go about creating a strong and positive work culture for your business?

• Seek the right kinds of employees
In the process of creating our work culture, Wendt has garnered a diverse staff. It is beneficial for any company to have a blend of people and personalities that will help maintain a positive, vibrant culture and work atmosphere.

Our team is made up of organized perfectionists, free-thinking creative types and movers and shakers. The spicy blend that results allows us to meet the needs of our varied clients and allows us to grow in new areas and ventures.

• Create Balance
As a local business we want our community to thrive, we want our clients to thrive and we want our state to blossom. Montana makes up part of what we are as a business, whether it’s the opportunity to hit the open road, bike the beautiful terrain or raise our families in a safe environment, a balanced lifestyle is vital to our working culture.

• Play dates aren’t just for kids
While the work we do for our clients is important, there is also great value in taking a break. BBQs, field trips, volunteering in the community – the best part is that we get to know each other as people. This helps us understand that we are not just merely colleagues, we’re friends.

• Say you’re sorry
For a happy working environment to be in place a certain level of respect should exist, from the top of the line all the way down to the interns. For us it means that when we share a heated moment, we say we’re sorry. We care about each other. That’s the Wendt way. And for us, it’s the only way.

Our business is a people business – passionate, dedicated people working for our treasured clients or as they are more commonly known – friends. So take the time to remember the importance of the people in your world and how vital they are to growing your ideal work culture.