BrandingFingerprintSeptember 28, 2015

As a full service marketing and public relations agency, Wendt helps to develop and manage our clients’ brand reputations on a daily basis. Our goal is to develop and convey a strategic and consistent message for our clients to communicate with their target audiences. So, how does one define branding? Branding is the process of establishing and continuing to manage an organization’s reputation. It is the relationship between the consumer and a product; it is the feeling or emotion that is evoked when a consumer (or potential consumer) thinks about your business or product.

Wendt has our very own process that we follow when developing brand strategies for our clients. From research, audits, development of positioning statements, implementation and management, each step has equal importance in developing a strategy that is differentiating with an accurate reflection of your mission. In today’s massive world of media, messages have a greater chance of becoming diluted. Developing and practicing a strategic and consistent brand message is crucial to succeeding in the marketing landscape. With a strategic approach you are able to develop messages that are compelling and memorable; it creates a structure that will ensure you are delivering a consistent message through all channels that will affect the consumer quickly and more significantly.

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