wineLabels_0034by Brenda Peterson
November 27, 2012

Does it take a bunch of winos to come up with an incredible wine brand and identity? Perhaps.

So a friend of mine, Bob Delong, who just happens to be a wine distributor, comes to me with this opportunity to develop a brand and label for a boutique wine that will be distributed exclusively by Vintage Sellers in Great Falls. Being someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, I jumped at the chance to work on this project. It’s not every day that we have an opportunity to create a brand and identity from scratch. Especially for such a fun product!

The first order of business, gather the amazing Wendt creative and strategy crew to brainstorm! I knew it wasn’t going to be hard to explain the product. We just happen to have a few folks around here who enjoy tasting, collecting and drinking wine. It does happen to be a regular topic of discussion around the water cooler at Wendt. Lucky me.

So we gathered to come up with an identity that was befitting of this Cabernet Sauvignon…the biggest challenge we had was that we hadn’t had the chance to actually taste the wine. Gene Betz, owner of Vintage Sellers, did a little tasting with some of his clients; unfortunately I was out of town that week so we were flying a little blind. I did have the chance to visit directly with the wine maker, Tom Baer from Solana Cellars in Shandon, California. He is a great guy, can talk your ear off about vino. He was a great help along the way.

One of our goals was to make sure that this wine had a Central Montana focus. We discussed the attributes of our area, clear blue sky, the river and yes, our notable wind. We bantered about the color of a Cab, rouge, crimson, garnet, currant and red. If you’ve never sat in a creative session like this you know it’s a great deal of fun. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just a free flow of thoughts…each thought feeding the next. Each person responding to the energy in the room. Once we had landed on a direction we were especially fond of, we then started working on the label identity. Kara Smith, our Senior Art Director, took the project. She gave graphic life to our vision. It’s a beautiful reflection of our area and an exceptional representation of the lush wine inside the bottle.

Here is our Inspiration for Current: Plays off the current in the water and the wind as something strong, powerful and ever-moving. With a strong current, you are just along for the journey, the current will decide the path. This word also evokes the images of the color red and the richness associated with that color.

And the wine description on the label:
THE MONTANA CURRENT: Flowing over untouched rocks of crimson and chocolate, or persuasively moving through our dramatic skies. Whether in the water or air, a strong current chooses the path of your journey. Unwind and enjoy the journey the Cabernet has planned for you.

Many of us buy products because of identity and packaging. This wine will certainly draw you in for those reasons, but will keep you coming back because of what’s in the bottle. Pick yourself up one (or two) at Vintage Sellers. You won’t be disappointed.

And look for more Wendt identity inspiration – there may be another wine or two coming soon.