April 20 is National Look Alike Day #NationalLookAlikeDay. It’s not the most significant of our annual holidays, but somehow it still speaks to me.

Perhaps it is because it’s roots are allegedly in local TV news. The day is believed to have been created by Pittsburgh television reporter Jack Etzel in the 1980s. I was a local TV reporter at one time and I understand that specific type of deadline pressure he obviously felt. When you need a feature story for the early news, sometimes you get creative! I never invented a holiday, but who am I to argue with someone who did?

While some people choose to celebrate this day by dressing like celebrities or finding photos of famous people they resemble, I think of the amazing people I work with at The Wendt Agency and how we sometimes manage to dress alike. Maybe it shows that great minds do think alike. Maybe it’s a function of our excellent taste. Or maybe it’s just coincidence. Whatever it is, it makes me smile every time!

We keep track of these matching days on our Twin Wall, a very prestigious portion of the bulletin board in our breakroom. I’ve made the board myself a couple of times-once even as part of a very special triplets posting (you cannot deny the value of the red plaid shirt during a Montana winter).

Do you have a twin? Let me know in the comments section and bring a smile to my face. Couldn’t we all use more smiles?

Three people in red plaid shirts

Team Read Plaid

Two people in matching outfits

Jennifer and Sarah

Two people in matching outfits

Brenda and Johna

Two people in matching outfits

Carmen and Joe

Two people in matching sweatshirts

Brenda and Jennifer