Leo Dicaprio Oscar Meme

by Alyse Considine
January 15, 2016

I have stars in my eyes because it’s one of my favorite times of the year­­­­—Awards Season!!

I love so many things about the big award shows: the interviews and designer dresses on the red carpet, the (hopefully) funny host who takes jabs at all the celebrities, the live musical numbers, the surprise winners, and the review of the best movies from the year (many of which I usually have yet to watch).

My sister and I have a tradition of live texting or Facebook chatting throughout the multiple hour shenanigans to comment on our favorite outfits, inspiring acceptance speeches, or disappointment that our pick had lost out on the golden statue.

Apart from all the razzle-dazzle, what I love the most is that award shows are a shared experience—the Oscars have been televised internationally since 1969—that celebrate art and entertainment. We can leave our differences aside to come together and honor the outstanding movies, music, and performances that provoked thought and change, or deeply moved us, over the past year.

So cheers to the excitement of Hollywood! I can’t wait to see what this awards season brings—hopefully fewer name pronunciation flubs, speech bleeps, and wardrobe malfunctions (although, those can be pretty funny) and more historic wins for the record books!

I’m betting the Internet will explode once Leo wins his long-overdue Oscar!  Go, Leo, go!