ultra violet purple

The new year is here and that means it is time to welcome the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet. Described as inventive and imaginative, complex and contemplative – this is not a color that blends into the background. This blue-based purple seems to need you to notice it, and notice it we have. The internet is brimming with tips on using this color in 2018. In the mood for some shopping? You can find everything from ultra violet chairs to candles here: Shop ultra violet

Looking to spend the cold winter months inside rearranging the furniture and knickknacks? How-to use ultra violet in decor

Of course, the fashion industry is all over this: How-to wear ultra violet

Ultra violet makeup gets a little tricky for most of us, but check out Kerry Washington’s eye makeup at the Golden Globes. Now THAT is a look that will not get you any side-eye!

So, maybe January is a good time to contemplate where you could inventively use this complex color, or just imagine how an ultra violet coffee mug would brighten your day. Either way, you are probably going to be seeing this color around a lot for the next 12 months.

ultra violet purple
purple nails
purple fog
Photo by Radu Mihai on Unsplash