siloSilos are a common sight in north central Montana—standing tall in the fields and on farms, protecting the harvest until it is needed. In agriculture, they work and they work well. In marketing, that’s another story.

Silos mean separation, and having a marketing plan made up of distinct silos—each one disconnected from the others—is not the way to create a successful outreach effort.

A comprehensive marketing plan needs consistency and coordination. Every area needs to be analyzed and planned, not only in relation to marketing goals, target audiences, seasonality, and events but also in relation to all the other areas. Public relations efforts need to complement paid media. Ad design needs to support the brand and the specific sale or event it is promoting. Each of your marketing channels is simply a way to share information, and all of them need to be scheduled to maximize the impact of the message. This means a strong and consistent presence in front of customers; not so little outreach that no one remembers it and not so much that your marketing channels are competing with each other causing sheer volume to overpower the actual content of the message.

Your marketing channels can include

  • Website
  • In-store events
  • Trade shows
  • Paid media placement
  • Social media
  • Collateral pieces (brochures, flyers, posters)
  • Ads (print, radio, TV, digital)

That’s not even a complete list, and let’s face it, you probably weren’t thinking about how much you enjoyed marketing when you decided to open your business. But creating a successful business means paying attention to a lot of things, including marketing. A successful marketing plan doesn’t happen by accident. It takes research, planning, negotiating, analysis, and collaboration. All of the outreach efforts need to work together, doing double duty whenever possible. Can your paid ads drive traffic to your website? Can your social media outreach extend your public relations messages? Can you collect email addresses at an in-store event to create your own email list? Probably. But only if you, or the members of your marketing team, coordinate efforts. Only if they do not exist in silos.

Creating and living that culture of collaboration is something we are committed to at The Wendt Agency. We have experts in every area of marketing, and we constantly bring all our talents together to create better, stronger communications strategies. This is teamwork taken to a higher level, using idea sharing and brainstorming to not only accomplish a common goal but to also achieve results that would not be possible if we were not coordinating our efforts.

Whether you are a marketing department of one or a team working in different areas, planning and implementing a marketing plan that stretches your marketing dollars while effectively reaching your potential customers is the primary goal. So think about it, plan for it, talk about it. Make sure every marketing effort doesn’t just work on its own; make sure it works in conjunction with every other one of your marketing efforts. The success of your business depends on it.