bfakepeoplesucky Brenda Peterson
October 15, 2014

We recently acquired some new software that gathers all our junk email that is trying to break through our firewall and packages it up in a neat little daily email and shoots it into our inbox. This is a great tool so that we can be sure that we are not missing that very special email from any interested party. So every day I scan this little email…some days it is not so little.

I have found a tiny bit of enjoyment in the current round of junk email subject lines. Here are a few along with my first thoughts when I read them.

3 Sneaky Hormones that are Destroying your Metabolism
(I thought it was 4)

Lighten up a little with a Sun Room
(A good thing to say to someone who has their panties in a wad)

Shape up and save with the Genie Bra
(Great, I can stop going to the gym!)

This works to get women every time!

Stack your Rack
(Insert your own personal comment here)

Bored off your Ass? Do a wood project.
(I can think of much better ways to eliminate boredom.)

Your Latino Love is Here.

(Didn’t know I was looking for him.)

Concrete, Steel and Wood Coating.


(Must be a foreign language that I’m not familiar with.)

Fake People Suck.
(I agree!)

What crazy subject line have you seen lately?