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The Wendt Agency builds meaningful brand stories that make people feel, connect, and act. It’s a tall order that not just anyone can do. It requires a mix of expertise, creativity, passion, intuition, and partnerships with brands who are brave enough to share their authentic story with the world. IS THAT YOU? 


Bringing Mastery to
Modern Marketing

Fueled by data, strategy, and kickass creative – Wendt brings full-service marketing expertise to our clients with enthusiasm and virtuosity. We can confidently pledge to deliver innovative, custom solutions for your marketing needs and desires, because we have for over 90 years, all with our signature Super Service.

Everyone has a brand – but not everyone has control of it. It is vital to understand your brand, harness it, and effectively express it with the world. Wendt understands how to discover, build, and communicate brands in powerful, relevant ways. Our Brand Discovery Experience is a process that we have crafted to unearth the value your brand brings to your customers. Insights from this experience allow us to unite who you truly are with your communications to the outside world. The result is brand and marketing messages that are authentic, deliberate, consistent, and memorable. 

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it never killed a content creator. (At least, none that we know of.) To build engaging content, you must be inquisitive. Lucky for us and our clients, our content creation team loves to learn, conceptualize, and produce impactful content. But it isn’t enough to just craft the story. We are masters at telling that story in different mediums and understanding how users interact with brands through those touchpoints.

Marketing success doesn’t just happen. It is built on a foundation of research, knowledge, hard work, and attention to detail. Our media team has all of that plus decades of experience planning and placing campaigns in the complicated and ever-evolving media landscape. We are thoughtful and nimble, optimizing placements and taking advantage of opportunities in real time. This isn’t theoretical media planning and buying. This is real-world expertise used to create and maintain results-driven outreach.  

We may think the future is here – but the digital world we live in is changing every day. That’s why Wendt’s digital team is always focused on keeping up with trends and the constantly evolving technological landscape. We understand a compelling digital experience is not only an extension of your brand, but it should also engage your audiences and provide a positive user experience. That’s why we pride ourselves on building exceptional digital outreach and one of the most powerful tools – your website, which is critical to a brand’s success. 

Oh, if our founders could see us today! We live in a world of creativity and curiosity – which is fine by us since our social media experts are champions of the conversation that occurs every day in the ever-expanding social universe. As devoted connectors, Wendt can help build and nurture a brand’s social space to expand reach, build brand evangelists, and evoke action. We also know that social media can’t always be controlled, but it can be guided, managed, and reputations can emerge and prosper from a carefully cultivated plan. If there is one thing we do know, social media is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be ignored! 

A super talented team with a penchant for listening to great music. 

We bring fresh perspectives, razor-sharp talent, and bona fide expertise to all your marketing needs. 

Read the latest on Wendt life, industry insights, and news from the world of marketing. 

Building brands and creative messaging that provoke thoughts, tug at the heart, and compel action is at the core of what we do every day. Our creative vision is inspired by talented artists, a desire to kick some major ass on behalf of our clients, and is steered by data, strategy, and delivering real results. 

how we do it

Elevating Brands with Smart Strategy

Developing engaging brand stories and results-focused strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We know that branding and marketing success is comprehensive, not one-size-fits-all, and must be fostered through thoughtful decisions. Our approach is designed to be engaging, thorough, and efficient. It’s about giving our clients marketing resources they need and experts who are devoted partners to elevate their brand, smash goals, and make an impact.  

Pat On the Back

Awarded & Accomplished

After all the blood, sweat, and tears that can go into developing impactful creative messaging – we can’t deny it feels good to be nationally and internationally recognized for that hard work. Of course, client success is always the best accomplishment, but we also like to fill our space with sparkling statues and lacquered plaques.  

Not to sound too full of ourselves, but we’ve lost count of the number of awards and recognitions over the years. Let’s just say our creative product is both effective and awarded, and we couldn’t be prouder. 

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let's connect

We are always ready and eager to make new connections, create strategic partnerships, and blaze new trails for our client’s efforts.

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Marketing motivation and Wendt shenanigans worthy of a subscription.

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The Wendt Agency

Know Your Neighborhood

Tricks for Targeting Your Market Audience When it comes to trick-or-treating, we’re all familiar with THAT neighborhood. You know the one. Perfectly swept sidewalks, well-lit porches,

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Forever chasing the Texas heat, Caitlin, along with her husband Rob, spend most of their time outdoors soaking in the sun and adventure. We know what you’re thinking…luckily for them, skiing is also a favorite pastime come winter! An adventurous spirit, but a perfectionist at heart, Caitlin brings excellence and attention to detail in all that she does.

Angela moody


An avid crafter who thrills at dreaming up new sewing, quilting, and crocheting projects, Angela enjoys spending most of her spare time with her husband, Gene, and her “pittie-kids,“ her pit bull fur-babies, Traeger and Lexi Lou.

Jennifer Fritz


Shareholder / Director 

Jen brings a sense of adventure and an inquisitive mind to all she does, whether that is sipping on a new tequila or inspiring a culture of learning at the agency. She and her husband Ryan enjoy the Montana lifestyle alongside their two children, Kate and Wren, and their fluffy family dog, Morris (named after a former Gonzaga basketball player!)



Shareholder / Director 

Irony is not without a sense of humor. Carol loves London, which is known for high tea, but deep down — Carol is a die-hard coffee lover. When it comes to her work, what excites her most is seeing it out in the world. Billboards to digital ads, strategy to placement, Carol is energized ensuring it all comes together in a final message. 

Lorie hager


Shareholder / Director 

  • Ethical and diligent financial leader.
  • Ensures financial department meets and exceeds accounting best practices.
  • Always detailed driven, making sure campaigns and projects are billed accurately and timely.

Looking for tricked-out tree houses or Airbnb homes in far-off locales fills Lorie’s downtime. But when she’s at work, she gets a heady sense of satisfaction when our Wendt team overcomes obstacles and celebrates successes. 

Kara smith


Shareholder / Director 

Kara is completely enchanted with the Caribbean. The humidity, the teal waters — if only our bustling office were as tranquil! Not just captivated by sandy beaches, Kara is fascinated with understanding what makes people think and enjoys how her work allows her to tap into people’s emotions.

Johna wilcox



  • Dynamic partnership builder.
  • Passionate about providing super service.
  • Designs robust strategies to surpass metrics of success.

Johna wouldn’t be stuck on a desert island without Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water – Hydrating SPF30 Face Mist — after all, it’s a desert. Duh! But her real energy comes from working on dynamic projects and interacting with clients.

Kattie meyer



Traveling to Paris when her daughter is old enough would be a dream come true for Kattie. When not planning for trips abroad, Kattie is inspired by working with a variety of different clients who keep her challenged and on her toes. 

Merle Mcleish


Whether it’s genealogy or geocaching, the thrill of the hunt drives Merle. She also has a deep appreciation for art and art history, which is perfect for the creative and artistic atmosphere of Wendt where Merle feels right at home. 

Jennifer beisecker


  • Confidently approaches every project with energy and a smile.
  • Adept at tracking financials with accuracy.
  • Brings efficiency and a keen eye for detail that exceeds expectations.

Jenn enjoys spending as much time with her family as possible. Her husband, children, and extended family are everything. She also loves the absolutes of accounting; things balance, or they don’t. And she loves making it all add up. 

Jennifer mckee


A hiker, a skier, a mother, a wife, a friend, and an optimist, Jennifer cherishes spending her spare time with her husband, Johnathan, and their two children, Cormac and Maggie. 

Johnny ewald



Tacos! According to Johnny, tacos are the perfect combination of savory and simplicity — the possibilities are endless. Boundless creativity is infinite too. For Johnny, creativity begins as a tiny spark that ignites into form and serves a purpose. 

Sheena Annala


Sheena spends every spare moment with her young family. It’s all about having adventures — a philosophy she brings into the office. When at work, Sheena is thrilled to get the chance to do something new and creative every day. 

Victor Fulcher


Preserving bicycles, trinkets, and books brings Victor joy because he sees possibility in objects others might overlook. It’s this ability to make something from nothing that drives his work too. Being able to meld form, function, design, and code scratches the itch for both sides of his brain. 

Meghan Shaulis


Once her feet hit the floor, and after the coffee has been brewed, on Saturday mornings, you’ll find Meghan happily making breakfast for her family. If it were up to Meghan, she would never part from her husband. Lucky for us, she is also passionate about bringing her talents to the Wendt creative team and our clients. 

Gwen Fleming


  • Curious creative who writes powerful copy with bold impact.
  • Brainstorms compelling content that inspires and incites action.
  • Ensures messaging is always engaging and on-brand.

Gwen’s lived from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles-ish; she invariably returns home to Montana … every time. She is passionate about using her experiences to create content that inspires strong impressions. 

Haley Thomas



Haley has an immobilizing fear of grasshoppers. Not spiders, not snakes — GRASSHOPPERS. It’s surprising to know this, considering how fearless and fierce Haley is when creating efficient workflows. In fact, helping others is what she strives most to do.