Announcing Wendt President, Jennifer Fritz - The Wendt Agency

Announcing Wendt President, Jennifer Fritz

Announcing Wendt President, Jennifer Fritz

We are thrilled to announce that Jennifer Fritz has been named Wendt president. She will join Brenda Peterson, who continues as CEO, in leading this great agency. It is a leadership position with many hats to wear and balls to keep in the air — and we couldn’t be more excited for her!  


Before Wendt, Jen worked in the hospitality industry. She was passionate about tourism in Montana and liked how the hotel industry was fun and fast-paced. It was her involvement on tourism boards that brought her to Wendt’s attention, and she was recruited.  

Jen shares, “I was very familiar with Wendt’s work and level of creativity and expertise. I had been one of Wendt’s clients, so I understood what it was like to be on the other side of the table. That really gave me an advantage in how I was able to perform client services and understand a client’s point of value at the table.”  With Jen’s natural ability to connect with people and make them feel warm and comfortable, she was instantly able to create positive relationships with the Wendt team and our clients. 

Jen knew from the day she stepped into the office 11 years ago that she wanted to be in a director role. And it was clear from the beginning that she was a strong leader who provided progressive solutions to complex challenges. In her time here, Jen has forged ahead in bold and inventive ways of doing business while delivering Super Service to our clients and progressing their strategies to produce real results. Driven to be at the forefront of innovation, her inspiring vision motivates our team. Not to mention that she is also a proven Halloween office party costume winner — she’s won on multiple occasions.

CEO Brenda Peterson adds, “Jen is a natural born leader and the perfect fit to be Wendt’s President. She is driven, innovative, smart, and has a tremendous amount of experience in this industry.” It’s these qualities Jen brings every day to Wendt, along with an inquisitive mind that inspires a culture of learning.  


As for the future of Wendt, Jen believes that it is essential to remain relevant in today’s fast-changing world. She concludes, “it is incredible to think about what we have overcome and accomplished as an agency in the last 90 plus years. My goal is to follow in the footsteps of the amazing Wendt leaders that have mentored me along the way and continue carrying that torch forward, making a difference with the work that we do.”   And we are confident she will! 

In addition to her dedication to Wendt, Jen also is a devoted community volunteer, lending her talents to local boards and nonprofits including the YWCA and Great Falls Development Authority. She and her husband Ryan enjoy the Montana lifestyle alongside their two children, Kate and Wren, and their fluffy family dog, Morris.  

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  1. MIchelle St.Germain says:

    Congratulations Jen! Well deserved promotion. I sure miss working with the team since New West days.

  2. Chuck Butler says:

    Congratulations to Jen and best wishes to Lori H.
    A great Agency that I had the pleasure of working with for many years ‘ back in the day”

  3. Heather Knutson-Walter says:

    Congratulations, Jen! What an excellent fit for your talents. Best wishes!

  4. Randy Kron says:

    Congratulations Jen. Wishing you continued success. Cheers!

  5. Keith L. Meyer says:


    Congratulations. I have enjoyed working with you over the past year in regards to our Capital Campaign. A well deserved promotion for you.


  6. Jill Alban says:

    Congrats Jen! So well-deserved. Go you

  7. Alana Listoe says:

    Well deserved and an excellent choice for Wendt! We are grateful to work with Wendt at Shodair!

  8. Rebecca Ditter says:

    Congratulations Jen!!! WENDT is lucky to have you!! You look gorgeous in that picture! Such exciting news!

  9. Alan & Terri Reavy says:

    We are proud of you Jen congratulations!

  10. Susan Wolff says:

    Congratulations, Jen!!! You will be awesome in this new role — because you are already awesome!!

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Jennifer beisecker


  • Confidently approaches every project with energy and a smile.
  • Adept at tracking financials with accuracy.
  • Brings efficiency and a keen eye for detail that exceeds expectations.

Jenn enjoys spending as much time with her family as possible. Her husband, children, and extended family are everything. She also loves the absolutes of accounting; things balance, or they don’t. And she loves making it all add up. 

Angela moody


  • Confidently oversees and implements financial information systems.
  • Detailed analytic with expertise in financial reporting and fiscal management.
  • Thoughtfully ensures accuracy and makes integrity a priority.

An avid crafter who thrills at dreaming up new sewing, quilting, and crocheting projects, Angela enjoys spending most of her spare time with her husband, Gene, and her “pittie-kids,“ her pit bull fur-babies, Traeger and Lexi Lou.

Jennifer Fritz


Shareholder / Director 

  • Strong leader who provides progressive solutions for complex challenges.
  • Forges ahead into new and innovative ways of doing business.
  • Brings results-driven strategies and cutting-edge ideas to the table.

Jen brings a sense of adventure and an inquisitive mind to all she does, whether that is sipping on a new tequila or inspiring a culture of learning at the agency. She and her husband Ryan enjoy the Montana lifestyle alongside their two children, Kate and Wren, and their fluffy family dog, Morris (named after a former Gonzaga basketball player!)



Shareholder / Director 

  • Energetically leads Wendt’s media, social, and public outreach team.
  • Confidently builds brands through strong content creation and media strategy.
  • Passionate in disseminating messages that deliver impact.

Irony is not without a sense of humor. Carol loves London, which is known for high tea, but deep down — Carol is a die-hard coffee lover. When it comes to her work, what excites her most is seeing it out in the world. Billboards to digital ads, strategy to placement, Carol is energized ensuring it all comes together in a final message. 

Lorie hager


Shareholder / Director 

  • Ethical and diligent financial leader.
  • Ensures financial department meets and exceeds accounting best practices.
  • Always detailed driven, making sure campaigns and projects are billed accurately and timely.

Looking for tricked-out tree houses or Airbnb homes in far-off locales fills Lorie’s downtime. But when she’s at work, she gets a heady sense of satisfaction when our Wendt team overcomes obstacles and celebrates successes. 

Kara smith


Shareholder / Director 

  • Bold creative leader who makes powerful connections.
  • Creates award-winning messaging that resonates with audiences.
  • Expertly develops creative content that builds progressive brands.

Kara is completely enchanted with the Caribbean. The humidity, the teal waters — if only our bustling office were as tranquil! Not just captivated by sandy beaches, Kara is fascinated with understanding what makes people think and enjoys how her work allows her to tap into people’s emotions.

Johna wilcox



  • Dynamic partnership builder.
  • Passionate about providing super service.
  • Designs robust strategies to surpass metrics of success.

Johna wouldn’t be stuck on a desert island without Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water – Hydrating SPF30 Face Mist — after all, it’s a desert. Duh! But her real energy comes from working on dynamic projects and interacting with clients.

Kattie meyer



  • Entrepreneurial spirit that cultivates true partnerships.
  • Imaginative approach to custom marketing strategies that offer a unique perspective.
  • Welcomes challenges while providing Super Service to clients.

Traveling to Paris when her daughter is old enough would be a dream come true for Kattie. When not planning for trips abroad, Kattie is inspired by working with a variety of different clients who keep her challenged and on her toes. 

Merle Mcleish


  • Skilled media buyer who takes care of every detail with precise accuracy.
  • Embodies artful multitasking that makes everything run smoothly.
  • Highly invested in achieving clients’ ambitions.

Whether it’s genealogy or geocaching, the thrill of the hunt drives Merle. She also has a deep appreciation for art and art history, which is perfect for the creative and artistic atmosphere of Wendt where Merle feels right at home. 

Haley Thomas



  • Navigates jobs through internal systems with detailed precision.
  • Brings innovation to workflow processes that streamline success.
  • Sincere collaborator who goes the extra mile for clients and coworkers.

Haley has an immobilizing fear of grasshoppers. Not spiders, not snakes — GRASSHOPPERS. It’s surprising to know this, considering how fearless and fierce Haley is when creating efficient workflows. In fact, helping others is what she strives most to do.

Jennifer mckee


  • Energetic leader of Wendt’s digital and social strategy and outreach.
  • Thoughtfully strategic in identifying emerging technologies and opportunities.
  • Confidently translates digital data and analytics into insights and recommendations.

A hiker, a skier, a mother, a wife, a friend, and an optimist, Jennifer cherishes spending her spare time with her husband, Johnathan, and their two children, Cormac and Maggie. 

Johnny ewald



  • Accomplished designer, animator, and audio-visual artist and storyteller.
  • Brings wisdom in understanding the psychology of creative messaging.
  • Creates purposeful marketing that drives engagement and effectiveness.

Tacos! According to Johnny, tacos are the perfect combination of savory and simplicity — the possibilities are endless. Boundless creativity is infinite too. For Johnny, creativity begins as a tiny spark that ignites into form and serves a purpose. 

Sheena Annala


  • Shares a curious imagination cultivated from over a decade of design experience.
  • Artfully tackles campaign development and brand building.
  • Masters new technologies and techniques with energy and enthusiasm.

Sheena spends every spare moment with her young family. It’s all about having adventures — a philosophy she brings into the office. When at work, Sheena is thrilled to get the chance to do something new and creative every day. 

Victor Fulcher


  • Creates websites that are distinctive and user-friendly.
  • Passionate about weaving together coding with design.
  • Transforms clients’ goals into cohesive and powerful online experiences.

Preserving bicycles, trinkets, and books brings Victor joy because he sees possibility in objects others might overlook. It’s this ability to make something from nothing that drives his work too. Being able to meld form, function, design, and code scratches the itch for both sides of his brain. 

Meghan Shaulis


  • Master of every medium who does it all: digital, web, brand, design, videography, photography.
  • Offers a fresh, outside-of-the box perspective that brings brand stories to life.
  • Innovative creator with a great eye for producing compelling visual messaging.

Once her feet hit the floor, and after the coffee has been brewed, on Saturday mornings, you’ll find Meghan happily making breakfast for her family. If it were up to Meghan, she would never part from her husband. Lucky for us, she is also passionate about bringing her talents to the Wendt creative team and our clients. 

Gwen Fleming


  • Curious creative who writes powerful copy with bold impact.
  • Brainstorms compelling content that inspires and incites action.
  • Ensures messaging is always engaging and on-brand.

Gwen’s lived from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles-ish; she invariably returns home to Montana … every time. She is passionate about using her experiences to create content that inspires strong impressions.