Connecting with Montana Families for a Brighter Future

June 6, 2016

Achieve Montana Girl

Developing creative messaging that motivates and resonates with target audiences and invokes action is what we strive to do at Wendt every day. Being tasked with this responsibility for an organization that helps provide a means for a better life for Montana children makes our jobs even more rewarding.

Achieve Montana, formerly Montana Family Education Savings Program (MFESP), provides college savings vehicles to help families save for higher education expenses and avoid incurring added debt in order to send their children to college.

MFESP hired Wendt as their marketing partner at the same time they were transitioning to a new plan manager with an enhancement in product offerings. With these changes on the horizon, it was the perfect time to go through a rebranding process with MFESP.

Achieve Montana by Wendt AgencyThe first step in the process Wendt recommended was to rename the organization. We presented four options that included taglines and rationales for each recommendation. The chosen name was Achieve Montana with the tagline, “Their tomorrow starts today.” Achieve represents the goals of the savings program: parents want to achieve savings for their children and children will be able to achieve their academic dreams because of the program. It is easy for parents to get caught up in the short-term tasks and concerns of raising children. The tagline reinforces an important message–childrens’ futures are impacted by decisions made today. If you have the foresight to save now, your child will look forward to a more successful tomorrow.

Once the new name was chosen, we walked through multiple branding exercises with the Achieve Montana team to help guide the brand identity and creative messaging. Utilizing strong imagery, meaningful headlines, informative copy, and an inviting call to action, the Achieve Montana creative campaign centers around the dreams and aspirations of both children and their families. The campaign was created to feel touching, empowering, authentic, memorable, and to resonate with Montana families.

For a complete look at this creatively executed campaign and the elements used to establish an emotional connection with Montana families, click here.

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Who needs an excuse to eat spaghetti?

Country Pastaby Jennifer Fritz
January 4, 2016

Whether you prefer it served with meatballs or a vegetarian marinara, I think we can all agree that spaghetti is one of the most popular and enjoyable meals there is. Whether you top your dish with fresh basil or simply some grated Parmesan cheese, it is a meal that often brings families together. In fact, did you know that in the year 2000, 1.3 million pounds of spaghetti were sold in American grocery stores? That is enough to circle the earth 9 times!

While spaghetti is a regular dish in our household (at least once a week), the special ingredient that makes it stand out is really the pasta I use. This brings me to a wonderful client Wendt has a great partnership with-Country Pasta. Country Pasta celebrated their 25th year in 2015 and we helped to promote this milestone through their social media channels. I love Country Pasta because their pasta is made with just four ingredients: 100% durum semolina, farm fresh eggs, clean mountain water, and natural sea salt. As if that isn’t enough to be brand loyal, in 2015, Country Pasta performed 25 Acts of Kindness. These efforts were incredibly fun to share on social media and included things like giving away bags of pasta to Glacier National Park visitors, donations of pasta to food banks, firefighters, and local senior centers, surprising shoppers by purchasing their cart of groceries, and giving away a week-long vacation to Montana!

Even though it is an unofficial holiday, National Spaghetti Day is one that deserves celebration! I know I look forward to the bowl I will eat tonight, and I may even clink my wine glass to cheers all the other spaghetti lovers around the world.

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Road Trip’n

roadtripnby Jennifer Fritz
April 22, 2013

Wendt recently went through an RFP process with one of our longest-standing clients – Central Montana Tourism Region. The state of Montana requires a review every seven years on state contracts. Thus, it was time for the Central Montana contract review. We have partnered with Central Montana Tourism Region for over 24 years to help promote this incredible region to travelers. When we started working on our RFP response, we gathered together as a team and began sharing our own personal passions for living and exploring in Central Montana. This is what we came up with:

We do more than just work in Central Montana.
We live in Central Montana.
We share in Central Montana.
We explore in Central Montana.
We love in Central Montana.
Central Montana is more than just a tourism region to us.
It is our home and we want to share it with others.

Writing and designing this proposal was a great opportunity for team building. It was also a time to reflect on all the past work we have done for Central Montana, the relationships we have built with board members and staff and also a time to share memories of personal experiences in the region.

But it was not just a time of reflection. It was an opportunity to create new memories and experience Central Montana with Wendt team members on an out-of-bounds road trip around the region. We took this opportunity to connect with one another while experiencing the region we have been so lucky to promote all these years. It was a content-gathering excursion and we were welcomed by warm and friendly locals and also reminded of the stunning landscapes and true gems in our backyard. The stories we created on this road trip are the types of experiences we hope Central Montana visitors have, and discussions have already taken place for future strategies to incorporate these types of stories into Central Montana’s social marketing.

View our road trip experiences.

And lastly, a big thank you goes out to Central Montana for choosing Wendt as your agency of record for another seven years. I am honored to serve as account manager for this account and I speak for our entire team when I say we look forward to years of success and fun ahead!

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Employees Make or Break Your Brand Promise

BrandingCowby Jennifer Fritz
October 9, 2012

One of the most important marketing investments an organization can make is by hiring the right people. The right people to communicate your brand promise, the right people to be ambassadors of your brand, the right people to be the face of your organization and the right people to make a strong first impression. It is important to understand that your people are invaluable resources and the future of your organization. So, the burning question is, how do you define the right person? Many adjectives come to mind like motivated, hardworking, responsible, driven, intuitive, knowledgeable, team oriented, strong minded and dedicated. But there is one adjective that stands apart from the rest, and should be the number one trait when defining the right person – PASSIONATE. Passion is not something you can teach, but it is something that can be felt throughout an entire organization. Passion for the work you do and passion for the organization you work for. Having passionate people in your organization speaks volumes about your brand.

A first-hand example of true passionate people working for an organization is very evident with one of our clients. As Yellowstone National Park’s official non-profit education partner, Yellowstone Association is dedicated to educating visitors about the park and preserving it for future generations. Yellowstone Association’s mission and history is so rich and their employees breathe it everyday. I am always so inspired after spending a day with this wonderful client. The passion that each employee feels for the Association and for Yellowstone National Park is so strong – they have bought into the organizations mission 100% and want to share it with the world. It is clients like Yellowstone Association that make our jobs so fun! We love the opportunity to help communicate a brand message to the masses knowing that the brand promise is so strong and the employees have bought into the mission and are incredibly passionate about it.

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