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Lisa K

Great granddaughter of Louis Wendt

As the great granddaughter of Louis Wendt, how thankful I am that the company he began 90 years ago continues to thrive and remain strong! I can remember stories my grandmother used to share with me about my great grandfather’s company. Initially, the Wendt Advertising company had rented out office space someplace or another. But when the great depression hit, he had to release some of the employees he had, retaining Zelma Schroeder as his secretary. He moved his office and business into the bedroom of his home, which was located near Gibson Park. My great grandfather was not able to finish his formal education but had a drive to succeed in the business world. He and Zelma worked many long hours together, eventually moving his office from his bedroom after the depression had lifted. He eventually turned the reins of his company over to my Uncle Wally (Wallace Wendt). When Wally passed away, Zelma took over. She was the perfect fit, having been with the company since its beginnings. After Zelma retired, Stan Meyer was next in line, another perfect choice to lead the Wendt Advertising Company.

So it is with much fondness for this company that I wish to say, “Happy Anniversary to the Wendt Advertising Company,” and thank you to so many dedicated, hard working employees! May Wendt Advertising continue to go on for many more years.

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Leadership Montana

Chantel Schieffer, President/CEO

“Happy 90th to The Wendt Agency! Leadership Montana is honored to work with your brilliant team and we are grateful to be among your client list. Thank you for helping us to build a better Montana.”

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Montana Lottery

“Wendt has been a valuable member of our marketing team. They understand our goals and manage to effectively translate them to high-level design.  They never hesitate to roll up their sleeves and support our agency, our marketing strategies and products.  We trust their insights and expertise in attaining our high level of advertising standards and processes.  Congratulations on 90 successful years!”

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Glen Korf

“Tire-Rama would like to congratulate The Wendt Agency on their 90th year milestone. Their professionalism and exceptional level of quality made the decision to partner with Wendt in 2019 an easy one.”

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Central Montana Tourism

Gayle Fisher

“Not a day goes by without change and that’s definitely evident in the world of advertising. The Wendt Agency continues to stay on top of advertising trends and changes that fit with their clients’ needs. Although, one thing that hasn’t changed since Russell Country/Central Montana began working with Wendt is their client service. All agencies can place ads, all can study new ad trends, but if the relationship between the agency and the client isn’t strong, it just doesn’t work. We are proud to have experienced outstanding client service from The Wendt Agency for the past 26 years. Happy 90th to the crew at The Wendt Agency!”

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North By Northwest

“North By Northwest has had a long connection with Montana and Wendt.  Several of us lived and started our careers in Montana, and we love opportunities to work for Wendt.  Wendt challenges us creatively and always promotes a spirit of collaboration.  Some of our most memorable projects have been on jobs for Wendt trekking through Montana.  Congratulations on 90 years!  We’re very proud and honored to have been a part of the last 25.”

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“It takes a lot for a company to get 90 years under its belt. In our short four years we have been working with The Wendt Agency, one of the things we’ve appreciated the most is the emphasis on partnership. Wendt has literally become a member of our team, a piece of our puzzle, and a part of our story. Congratulations on 90 years and thank you, Wendt, for being an inspiration for all of us.”

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West Yellowstone TBID

“Congratulations on 90 years, Wendt! It is a true pleasure working with a team that embodies collaboration, energy and innovation! Thank you for contributing to our success…cheers to 90 more years!”

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