Keeping Web Users Top of Mind: Q & A With Our UX/UI Designer - The Wendt Agency

Keeping Web Users Top of Mind: Q & A With Our UX/UI Designer

Keeping Web Users Top of Mind: Q & A With Our UX/UI Designer

Wendt’s UX/UI Designer, Victor Fulcher, is an expert at creating engaging websites that are distinctive and user-friendly. His passion for weaving together code and insightful design means that the websites he creates can transform clients’ goals into powerful online experiences. Read on as Victor shares his insights into web design and how to always keep users top of mind when developing websites. 

Who is Victor?  

Why, it’s me of course! A UX/UI Designer who loves design, vintage touring bikes, and I most recently discovered a love for Formula One! I am 24 years old with a degree in Computer Programming from Great Falls College, Montana State University and around 3 years’ experience as a Web Designer. I have a wonderful wife, Katie, who inspires me every day to be the best husband, and soon to be a father!  

As Wendt’s UX/UI Designer, you have a creative and complex job. Will you share with us what you do, and how you help Wendt’s clients?  

My primary job is to design engaging and responsive websites that complement not only a client’s brand but speak to their clients. Creating web experiences for our clients is very important as their website can be the first impression that their perspective customers create.  

Recently, you were a part of the team that refreshed our website. What was your favorite part of that project?  

My favorite part was working with our fantastic creative department to revamp our branding. It was really great being able to flex my creative muscles and bring to life something new. (Learn from Victor how a strategic process helps increase your website’s user experience.)  

Not too long ago, you celebrated your one-year Wendt-iversary. What have you learned in that time working for the agency?  

My first year at Wendt has been one of the best years of my life! I have learned so much, but the thing that sticks with me the most is that I have a passionate, creative, and dedicated team behind me that I can lean on to help me through any creative block.  

Are there any industry web trends that you’ve been seeing upcoming on the horizon? 

The world of web is so fluid that trends can come and go faster than developers can implement them. While there are trends such as gradients and brutalism, I don’t believe in chasing trends. I think that creative execution to the standards of web design that are proven to work makes a better lasting impression. 

If you could give advice to someone who is looking to develop, update, or just maintain their business website, what would that be?  

My advice would be to try and think about how your users are going to use the site. Designing with the users in mind and creating content funnels to move them around the site is one of the best ways to create engaging experiences. 

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Victor Fulcher


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